Dec 16, 2017

Saturday, December 16, 2017, Peter Wentz

Themeless Saturday Puzzle

Hello, my puzzling friends, this is Husker Gary about to 40. Sail : GO TO SEA on the S.S. LA Crossword - Saturday edition. After years of devoted effort, Splynter has retired from the helm and I hope my blog 34. Causes to be : RENDERS a useful service to you in the enjoyment of our weekend challenges.

So let's cast off lines, weigh anchor and shove off. 

We'll miss Splynter's style but to quote my second favorite Sammy Davis Jr. Song, I've Gotta Be Me! 

Peter's fun puzzle today was very impressive with two sets of ten-letter across fills and two sets of nine-letter down fills. Wow! 

Let's set sail and... (Hey, enough of the nautical metaphors already!) 


1. Overwhelming place for many country folk : THE BIG CITY

11. Once-a-week mantra : TGIF - Everyday is Friday when you're retired!

15. Early second-millennium style : ROMANESQUE - Architecture characterized by Roman Arches. Ground was broken in 1063 for this fabulous example: The Dumo di Pisa. Hey, isn't the building in the background famous too?

16. Modern-day carpe diem : YOLO - According to Ian Fleming's 
007 book and his buddy Roald Dahl's screenplay, You Only Live Twice (not Once)

17. '80s scandal : IRAN CONTRA - Every president seems to have at least one scandal

18. Pro shop purchase : POLO - My golf shirts tend to be "Whatever's on sale at Kohl's"

19. Remove fluff from, perhaps : EDIT - and 22. Dispatch to the cutting room floor : DELETE. He'd be great at it!

20. Blond, in many cases : DYED

21. Moved to another table : RESAT 

24. Easy money, in theory : SURE BETS - Sonny Liston was an 8 - 1 SURE BET against Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) in 1964. Uh, not so  much.

26. Some retirement purchases : RVS - We love to walk through Recreational Vehicles but don't know if our marriage could survive living/traveling in one

27. Pinkberry competitor : TCBY

28. Hardened, as concrete : SET - Like the Hollywood "Walk Of Fame"

29. Layers : PLIES - Baltic Birch plywood in different PLIES

32. Make a mild romantic overture to : ASK IN - Said the spider to the fly

33. Eastern way : TAO

36. Anka hit with a Spanish influence : ESO BESO - "Ooh, THAT KISS!"

38. Iron-__ : ONS

39. Era, perhaps : REIGN - The Victorian Era during the 64-year REIGN of Queen Victoria wasn't a real hoot for most 

41. Place for a pin : LAPEL

42. Opening : GAP - This very famous one through the Appalachians helped open up the West

43. Facts and figures : INFO - Not DATA as it turns out

44. Physical pros : MDS - "Turn your head and cough!" 45. "Right, understood" : OH I GET IT - "I know what you're checking."

47. Fig. at the state's courtroom table : ASST DA - Law And Order had some hot ASSistanT District Attorneys

51. "Odyssey" fruit : LOTUS - When Odyessus' ship got blown off course to the land of the Lotus Eaters, his men partook of the local LOUTS food/narcotic and had to be dragged back to the ships

52. They have small roles : COGS - We are all vital COGS at this blog

54. Unlike narrators, usually : SEEN - Peter Coyote was "heard but not SEEN" narrating six Ken Burns' documentaries 

55. Duty-__ : FREE

56. Could conceivably get : HAS A SHOT AT - Nebraska HAS A SHOT AT yet another VB national championship tonight like this one in 2015 (and five others)

58. Hazzard County deputy : ENOS

59. "Is it safe to talk?" : ARE WE ALONE

60. Calls the game : REFS - Some cheat while calling the game

61. Plot markers : HEADSTONES


1. Strained, e.g. : TRIED - Wonderful Paul Robeson sang: "You an' me, we sweat an' STRAIN, Body all achin'' and' racked wit pain" 

2. Large mass : HORDE - Here's the Khanate of the Golden HORDE below

3. Modern box filler : EMAIL

4. Went back and forth : BANTERED

5. Business issue : INC

6. Natural history museum objects : GEODES - A huge GEODE at the Harvard Museum of Natural History

7. "Ohio" group, initially : CSNY - The initials of the group!

8. Educational placement aids : IQ TESTS 

9. Double-stuffed holiday dish : TURDUCKEN - Yes, it's a TURkey stuffed with a deboned DUCK and a deboned chickEN. Voila, you have this portmanteau 

10. Pro's call : YEA - As opposed to the anti's call of nay 

11. Generally unstressed : TYPE-B - Working for a TYPE-A person can make you 13. Twitchy : ILL AT EASE

12. Stiff-legged stride : GOOSE STEP - Ahhh...

14. Chair accessory : FOOT STOOL

21. Big name in aluminum history : REYNOLDS

23. Pilot's ideal outcome? : TV SERIES - Despite a lousy pilot that simply copied the British version, this show adapted and became a great TV SERIES. Clever clue!

25. MLB stats : RBIS

29. FedExCup seeker : PRO GOLFER

30. Subject of the biography "Stormy Weather" : LENA HORNE - Her biography was named for her signature song

31. Notwithstanding : IN SPITE OF

32. "Big deal" : AS IF I CARE - One must judge if this phrase is bantering or bullying

35. Let out for a time : RENT - My friend LETS out his winter Texas home in the summer

37. Jazz club highlight : BASS SOLO

44. Ordinary people : MASSES - I needed two more letters for HOI POLLI 

46. One may be educated : GUESS

48. Western Wyoming county : TETON

49. Revolutionary diplomat Silas : DEANE - He was a hero for negotiating an armament deal with France and then was disgraced by accusations he profiteered

50. Opening stakes : ANTES

53. "Oh mah __!" : GAWD - A Valley Girl term of amazement

56. "Unlikely!" : HAH

57. Banded Wonderland wear : HAT - The numbers on the Mad Hatter's hat indicated it cost 10 shillings and 6 pence

Ok, lower the gangplank and transfer over to the comment area!