May 27, 2018

Sunday May 27, 2018 Gail Grabowski

Theme: "Suppressed Urges" - YEN spans across each theme entry.

25A. No-fuss course: EASY ENTREE. Surprised to see ENTREE and ENTRY (104A). Thought they have the same root. 
27A. "Spin" that really doesn't affect the ball: BODY ENGLISH. Is this a golf term?

44A. Invitation enclosure: REPLY ENVELOPE.

83A. "Curious though it may seem ... ": FUNNILY ENOUGH. Lovely debut answer.
99A. Fairy tale feature: HAPPY ENDING.

104A. Frank account, e.g.: DIARY ENTRY. Anne Frank.

35D. Focusing completely: FULLY ENGAGED.

40D. Military construction expert: ARMY ENGINEER.

107. Urge hidden in this puzzle's eight longest answers: YEN.

YEN is trapped in the middle, hence "suppressed".

Simple but never-done theme from Gail. That's her hallmark. Looks easy, but it's not. The grid design is also very Gail, with six in Across and two in Down slot.


1. Read digitally: SCAN.

5. Songs in Bollywood soundtracks: RAGAS. Don't think I know any Indian song.

10. Stopped stalling: ACTED.

15. Nincompoop: BOOB.

19. __ Bell: fast-food chain: TACO.

20. Donovan of "Clueless": ELISA.

21. 45 player: PHONO.

22. Alternative to de Gaulle: ORLY.

23. Back up on a job?: ABET. We also have 34. Help dishonestly: LIE FOR

24. On the take: DIRTY.

30. Motive: REASON.

31. Berkshire jackets: ETONS.

32. Cardiology concern: AORTA.

38. Floods: SPATES.

41. Katz of "Hocus Pocus": OMRI.

42. Rural expanse: PASTURE.

43. Rarity for a duffer: PAR. Not hard to get a par on a short par 3 though.

49. Inc. relative: LLC.

50. Governing gp.: ADMIN. Ah, no comments have been forwarded to my email since Thursday night. Widespread Blogger glitch.

52. Property attachment: LIEN.

53. Signs often numbered: EXITS.

54. Entreaty: PLEA.

55. "You wouldn't dare!" response: TRY ME.

56. Wood-shaping tool: ADZ.

57. Apothecary's measures: DRAMS.

58. Like some early hieroglyphics: MAYAN.

59. Trickle: SEEP.

60. They may rest on sills: Abbr.: ACS. What temp do your set your thermostat in summer? Ours is 76.

61. Wine label first name: CARLO.

62. Gift: TALENT.

63. "Affliction" actor: NOLTE (Nick). Never saw the movie.

65. Key next to F: G FLAT.

66. Cheney's successor: BIDEN.

67. Document often framed: DEGREE. I've only seen them framed at the doctor's office.

69. Landlord's sign: TO LET.

70. Surfer's shade?: TAN. Here's the master. Kai Lenny.

71. Eligibility factors: AGES.

74. Skips past: OMITS.

75. Cope: GET BY. Do you guys sleep on your side or on your back? I wonder if sleeping on the back will relieve Boomer's shoulder pain. But that's not a comfortable position. He's used to sleeping on his left side.

76. Part of LGBTQ: GAY.

77. Texas tourist spot: ALAMO.

78. Gimlet options: GINS.

79. Language group that includes Swahili: BANTU.

80. Lengthy lunch?: HERO. Sweet clue.

81. "Night Moves" singer: SEGER (Bob)

82. L, at times: Abbr.: LGE.

86. Sinus dr.: ENT.

87. By and by, to a bard: ERELONG. We also have 28. Perpetual, poetically: ETERNE.

89. Needing a nap: BEAT.

90. Feuding (with): AT ODDS.

92. He pardoned Richard: GERALD

93. Syrian leader: ASSAD.

95. "Li'l Abner" critter: SHMOO.

97. Miss the beginning: BELATE. I've only used "Belated".

108. Sarcophagus holder: CRYPT.

109. Bonkers: LOCO.

110. Parcel measure: ACRE.

111. Bring together: UNITE.

112. One in training, perhaps: HIREE.

113. City near Vance Air Force Base: ENID. Unaware of this trivia.

114. Test release: BETA.

115. Mixed nuts tidbit: PECAN.

116. Dubai dignitaries: EMIRS.

117. Attitude: SASS.


1. Shot in the dark: STAB.

2. Baja resort: CABO.

3. Completed with a stroke: ACED.

4. "Have patience": NOT YET.  Hopefully the Blogger team can solve the Comments forwarding glitch soon.

5. Common cold sign: RED NOSE.

6. Square up: ALIGN.

7. Some Little Leaguers: GIRLS.

8. Wine city near Turin: ASTI.

9. Ends a prayer: SAYS AMEN.

10. Make fun of: APE.

11. Plan, as a course: CHART.

12. Where sailors go: TO SEA.

13. "A Day Without Rain" New Ager: ENYA.

14. Exercises in a pool: DOES LAPS. Nice fill.

15. Invasive spam spreader: BOTNET.

16. Hockey immortal: ORR.

17. Shout after un pase: OLE. So I googled "un pase", this showed up.  Pass.

18. Playoff pass: BYE.

26. __ pollution: NOISE.

29. Road warning: HORN.

33. Semiaquatic rodent: RIVER RAT. Another great fill.

36. "The Orchid Thief" author Susan: ORLEAN. Hahtoola probably read this book.

37. Go back on one's word: RECANT. Followed by 38. Words with friends?: SPATS. Cute word play.

39. Base adviser: PADRE.

41. Courtroom cry: OYEZ.

42. Piles of chips: POTS. Oh, poker.

45. __ mat: PLACE.

46. Starbucks stack: LIDS.

47. Glorify: EXALT.

48. Long ride?: LIMO.

51. Corona and Tsingtao: IMPORTS. I worked at Lai Yang for a short period of time. Traveled to Tsingtao frequently. Amazing seafood there.

54. Light beer?: PALE ALE. Great clue/fill.

57. Mayor before Emanuel: DALEY.

58. Boiling: MAD.

60. Worked on a course?: ATE. Gimme for our regulars.

61. Spiral-shaped light sources, briefly: CFL BULBS. Consonants-rich.

62. Old star makeup: TIN. Tin star.

64. Guitarist Paul: LES.

65. '80s-'90s crime boss: GOTTI.

66. Louisiana wetland: BAYOU.

67. Fairway challenge: DOGLEG. What's your best round, Gary?

68. Asylum seeker: EMIGRE.

69. Home to Dollywood: Abbr.: TENN.

70. Islands staple: TARO.

72. Fix text: EMEND.

73. Puts in order: SORTS.

75. Our __: GANG.

76. Refined chap: GENT.

77. He plays Steve in "Jobs": ASHTON. Kutcher.

79. "It's cold out there": BUNDLE UP.

80. Big pain: HEADACHE.

83. Scott of "Scandal": FOLEY. I first learned his name while watching "Felicity". That's the annoying Ben on the left.

84. Fist-pump cry: YEAH.

85. Reproductive cells: GAMETES.

88. Attraction in L.A.'s Hancock Park: LA BREA.

91. Tons: OODLES.

93. Web site: ATTIC.

94. Perfect Sleeper, e.g.: SERTA. We bought this for summer. Alas, there's no gel. It's not cool.

95. "Heidi" author: SPYRI (Johanna). I forgot. We had her before.

96. Excited to the max: HYPER.

98. Celebrity chef Burrell: ANNE. Always bubbly.

100. Proper partner: PRIM.

101. Macbeth's burial isle: IONA.

102. CBS military drama: NCIS.

103. Jupiter and Mars: GODS.

104. Small application: DAB.

105. Word with pack or pick: ICE.

106. Creative works: ART.